Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cosas que he aprendido... Things I have learned on a rainy weekend at home with Sonia and Julia

"EsPen-sare," "mi hijo," "mi amor," or "Esteven" all refer to me.

When asked what you want to eat for dinner, do not try to be polite and say "No me importa" or you will get everything...a dinner of beans, rice, cheesy rice, platanos, ensalada, and chocolate cake.

When you are finished eating, you must exclaim, "Estoy lleno" and even still Sonia might demand "Mas suchini. Mas brocoli. Eres flaco. Coma, coma, coma. Mas, mas, mas."

Let Sonia translate everything that Julia says.

Do not try to go running if it is raining out (which it does for at least two hours every day). Yo miraba por la ventana y sin decir nada, Sonia ya sabia. Me informo, "Espensare, hay demasiado lluvia, no puedes correr hoy. Sientate mi amor." (I was looking out the window and without my saying anything, Sonia already knew. She informed me, "Espensare, there is too much rain. You cannot run today. Sit down, my love."

Handstands in my room are okay.

The streets do not have signs.

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  1. I love these posts! They remind me of my time abroad in the most wonderful of ways - stay healthy and have fun! - Fifi